We invest in founders who dare to change

The architects who set the infrastructures
for tomorrow’s economy. 

Technology is by far the most influential trend in modern day history. And yet, history is full of examples of people’s failures to recognise or anticipate the impact of technological change.

We believe in founders who dare to change systems. The rebels who think not big but different and augment the human reality through technology. The architects who set the infrastructures for tomorrow’s economy.


Venturerock is a digital venture capital platform and ecosystem of founders, backers & builders building the next generation of global tech companies.

We invest in early-stage ventures active at the cross point of novel technology infrastructures – blockchain, AI and IoT – and the first industries of impact – FinTech, HealthTech and Smart City.


to venture

We have combined technology and our expertise in accelerating 700+ startups to design a new investment protocol that enables founders and their teams to focus on execution, instead of fundraising.


venture capital

We digitize the investment supply chain from captable to KPI reporting and legal agreements to unlock the free flow of capital within the venture ecosystem.


72 steps from
seed to scale

We designed a 72-step venture development program to guide our ventures towards growth and becoming compliant and ready to scale.


A unique approach to value creation – our iPro network is available on-demand to support startup teams with the expertise and skills they need to take the next step.

Our Ventures

Building a new, global financial infrastructure that embeds
trust and payments at a protocol level.

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