UNL, Akoin and Venturerock Team Up to Launch Human Unlimited #tech4good Foundation

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Human Unlimited #tech4good Foundation

Global tech companies UNL, Akoin and Venturerock have teamed up to launch Human Unlimited foundation to use #tech4good and fuel the fight against COVID-19, future pandemics and disasters.  

The foundation supports and accelerates initiatives and ventures that leverage technology as a catalyst to transform and elevate human reality within developing regions, starting with Africa, India and Southeast Asia. “Our focus is set on accelerating long-term tech solutions for battling the first, second and third waves of the virus, to bring back balance post COVID-19 and being ready for a fast, universal response when future disasters strike,” says Xander van der Heijden, CEO of UNL. 

The human and economic costs of COVID-19 are projected to be most devastating for developing countries which lack the infrastructure t contain the spread and provide health security. In the short term, Human Unlimited is launching the Human Care app and the Human Frequency music relief campaign to empower people in developing countries to protect themselves and their communities.   

“People suffering from COVID-19 and other pandemics need an ongoing end-to-end system to aggressively fight these human battles,” said Akon. “We created HUMAN CARE to map those in need of support during these trying times. Our HUMAN FREQUENCY music and awareness platform was built to raise the necessary funds to bring real relief to those directly in need,” – Akon 

An estimated 4 billion people globally are unaddressed, making vital services like emergency help inaccessible and patients hard to reach. Powered by UNL’s smart addressing infrastructure, Human Care gives universal addresses to people anywhere to enable access to essential services like emergency and health responses, and navigation to bring people in need to important hubs, such as hospitals and relief centers, faster. The application promotes social responsibility practices through tools for self-identifying and self-monitoring symptoms, and encourages collaboration between people and local governments, contributing to safer public environments.   

In future releases, Human Care will be introducing an incentive mechanism to stimulate positive behavior and self-monitoring. Powered by Akon’s Akoin, the application will be rewarding users for contributing their data and insights about new and developing cases, starting with Africa.   

Through Human Care, individuals who have been affected by COVID-19 can self-identify in need, request relief in the form of food, medical supplies and other essentials and get it delivered even to the most remote locations in Africa, India and SEA.  

Alongside the application, Human Unlimited is launching the Human Frequency campaign, a rolling series of at-home musical events to unite, invite and heal with the lyrics, beats and melodies of some of the world’s most-recognized musicians and new international artists, led by Akon. Funds raised during the Human Frequency series will go to COVID-19 relief for the ones identified in need via the Human Care app and to support the acceleration of new #tech4good solutions. 

Human Unlimited is not doing this alone. The #tech4good foundation has already partnered with global companies, organizations and charities, including HERE Technologies, UN Blockchain Commission, PVBLIC Foundation, WeGiveToCare – Red Cross, Akoin Foundation and the People’s Prize. 

About Human Unlimited

Human Unlimited is a #tech4good foundation supporting and accelerating initiatives and ventures that use technology as a catalyst to transform and elevate human reality within developing countries.

Learn more at www.humanunlimited.org

About UNL

UNL is a smart addressing platform that provides any location with a unique, universal location ID. Adding a programmable layer to real-life locations, UNL is building the Internet of Places, serving as an infrastructure for location-based economy. Powering services from ecommerce, delivery to smart city and autonomous solutions. Making any location a point of sale, delivery and payment. 

Learn more at https://unl.global

About Akoin

Akoin is a blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency designed to fuel rising entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond. Akoin’s mission is to unlock the potential of the world’s largest growing economy by creating revenue-generating opportunities and stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and other lean economies. 

Learn more at https://www.akoin.io  

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